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  • How many Canadian teams have played in the NBA?
  • How many teams compete in the NCAA Tournament?
  • The LA Lakers hold the record for most playoff appearances, but which team has the second most?
  • Which are the two oldest teams in the Western Conference?
  • What player holds the record for the most selections for the NBA All-Star game?

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In the history of the NBA there have been three teams from Canada. The Toronto Huskies were active from 1946-7 in the Basketball Association of America (which merged with the National Basketball League to become the NBA in 1949). The Vancouver Grizzlies played from 1995-2001 before relocating to Memphis. The Toronto Raptors were formed in 1995 and are presently the only Canadian team in the NBA.

From 1939-50 just 8 teams participated in the main College basketball tournament. Over the years this expanded to the current 68 teams since 2011 which features 4 play-in games.

The LA Lakers (formerly the Minneapolis Lakers) have a total of 60 playoff appearances. Their great rivals the Boston Celtics are ahead in total number of Finals wins with 17, but are second in the playoffs with 55 appearances.

The NBA started in 1946 and the Conferences have seen numerous changes through the years. The LA Lakers and Sacramento Kings are both founding members since 1948 although both have had name changes.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was selected 19 times for the All-star game and played in 18, missing just one game in 1973 for personal reasons. Kobe Bryant has been selected 18 times and played in 15.

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